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Harmony Bible helps folks become disciple-making disciples. We have a three-pronged approach to this ministry:

  • Harmony Bible Radio
  • Training small group leaders
  • Harmony Bible Groups

Our philosophy of ministry and vision compels us to engage and invite those who want to know Jesus to be a member of a local disciple-making community.  If you feel compelled to begin a small group or study group in your neighborhood or community we  invite you to contact us and we’ll make arrangements to provide you training and resources. This can be done online, 1:1, at a retreat, or within the context of a workshop for your church, diocese, or county.

As a cooperative ministry, there are no staff among us, only disciple-making disciples. As a co-op we invite you to chip in, share your talents in harmony with other members. All our resources are under the creative commons guidelines which means that you are invited and encouraged to visit our site, download our study guides, make copies, and share them freely as you go about making disciples – but you mustn’t remove our name from the materials and must provide reference/credit to http://www.HarmonyBible.coop.