A word to the Clergy

Its probably safe to say that there are millions of topical Bible study series available today, but you know making disciples calls for a relationship with God, and the companionship of a trusted mentor helps any person get through even the roughest of times.

The Church seems to have been weakened a diet of topical studies. Harmony Bible groups use a strategic approach to making disciples-making disciples. By studying the Gospels and reflecting on both Old and New Testament passages peoples’ faith is strengthened and churches experience greater vitality.

Harmony Bible makes use of our unique and unprecedented distribution license of The Harmony of the Gospels (Thomas & Gundry) we also use the World English Version which is in public domain.

The study takes a little more than four years to complete, creating not only four years of material for each small group in your church, but also four years of a deepening relationship with Jesus and discipleship. The lessons are appropriate for multi-generational groups, and every member regardless of how long they’ve been a member or how new they might be to the faith. Just as Jesus met people in all walks of life your church members from any of the five phases of discipleship will be transformed as they continue through this study.

Our study notes may be downloaded and copied freely. Each broadcast is included on the website so that your small group leaders can hear the dialogue and continue their study of the scriptures within the context of a peer group within your local church if so desired.

We began Harmony Bible as a Co-operative Ministry June 1, 2014 and [dot]COOP is more than just a domain – its part of our philosophy and mission – to help folks be disciples who make disciples who fulfill the great commission according to their vocation in harmony together with others. We begin by training small group leaders and then we encourage all levels of participation and cooperation.

We invite pastors to participate with us in any number of ways including:

  1. Host a small group leaders training session at your church. This can be exclusively for your small group leaders or for small group leaders in your denomination, deanery, diocese or county.
  2. Schedule a time to be our special guest on Harmony Bible Radio. You select the week and corresponding passage, and then participate in a one-hour preliminary dialogue the week of the broadcast; and then a one-hour phone call on the given Friday (2 days before the release date of the broadcast).
  3. Give your blessing to launch one or more Harmony Bible groups for your church members.  We can provide any number of copies of the Harmony of the Gospels (or you may download and print our study guides week by week).
  4. Be a sponsor of Harmony Bible Radio and help us get the Word out.

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