Harmony of the Gospels

HBBibleThe Harmony of the Gospels is an ancient text, first produced by Tatian, it was called the Diatessaron (c. 170-180).  Our loose-leaf edition is made available to our members via an unprecedented agreement with Harper One.  Our loose-leaf edition makes it easy for you and your small group members to:

✎ insert our study notes and your own in between the pages of each passage
✎ write down cross references to Old and New Testament passages in the generous 1″ margins
✎ insert maps, timelines, character studies, and historical references creating your own appendix
✎ have everyone in your small group using the same FREE resource

We have also secured the rights to use and share the Harmony of the Gospels generated by Michael Johnson using the World English Bible (WEB).

The World English Bible is based on the American Standard Version of the Holy Bible first published in 1901, the Biblia Hebraica Stutgartensa Old Testament, and the Greek Majority Text New Testament. A Word from the scholars who created the WEB – “The Holy Bible is God’s Word. It belongs to God. He gave it to us freely, and we who have worked on this translation freely give it to you by dedicating it to the Public Domain.”

Rights to share The Harmony of the Gospels, by Robert L. Thomas and Stanley N. Gundry has been secured for members of Harmony Bible. While you may purchase the book on Amazon, we provide our members the full text in pdf format with a 1″ margin for notes. All rights for distribution reserved by licensed agreement.

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